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To Do List

Home Maintenance includes inspections, adjustments, cleanings, or replacements and  should be done regularly to ensure proper functioning of all the systems in a house, and to avoid costly emergencies. Repairs generally arise when maintenance was lacking or as a result of accident.
Maintenance and repair can be just about anything around the house, such as: mending a leaky  faucet, nailing down sagging shingles, painting a wall, fixing a sticking door, repairing a broken cabinet, and fence.
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The following lists is not exhaustive of our services, but for your use in creating a complete Home maintenance & repair To-Do-List     (view / download this "To Do List" as a PDF File)

Household Repairs
• Remove a stuck bulb
• Mount a towel bar
• Silence a rattling ceiling fan
• Remove soap scum from tile
• Clean a clogged showerhead
• Recaulk your tub surround
• Mount mini-blinds
• Hang curtains
• Replace a furnace filter
Plumbing Repairs
• Install pipe insulation
• Replace a faucet
• Replace a showerhead
• Unclog a drain
• Clear a clogged toilet
• Replace a toilet
• Replace a leaking wax ring
Wall and Ceiling Repairs

• Repair holes in drywall
• Repair cracked drywall
• Repainting
Electrical Repairs
• Balance a ceiling fan
• Replace a fluorescent lightbulb
• Replace a pull-chain light fixture
• Tighten a loose outlet
• Install a ceiling fan
• Replace a light fixture
• Install new outlets or switches
Misc. Jobs
• Patch a linoleum floor
• Hang a shelf
• House and yard clean-up
• Hang a picture or mirror
• Furniture moving
• Child proof your house
Exterior Home Repairs
• Lubricate garage door springs
• Add new weather seal to garage door
• Add a garage door lift handle
• Add a rain diverter
• Replace a damaged shingle
• Replace vent flashing
• Add a roof vent
• Seal a valley joint
• Gutter cleaning
• Reattach gutter downspout
• Anchor loose railings
• Replace broken deck boards
• Replace loose, popped deck nails
• Reattach loose vinyl siding
• Restore a cedar mulch bed
• Replace a dryer vent
• Recaulk a window or door
• Seal a deck
• Install a mail box
• Aluminum capping
Kitchen Repairs
• Adjust cabinet latches
• Replace a sink sprayer and hose
• Lubricate sticking drawers
• Glue loose cabinet knobs
• Repair a broken drawer
• Recaulk a kitchen sink or counter top
• Install knobs
Door and Window Repairs
• Shorten a solid core door
• Silence a squealing hinge
• Fix a loose hinge
• Adjust a bi fold door
• Align a patio door screen
• Replace a broken screen door handle
• Fix a storm door closer
• Replace a door knob
• Weather strip a door