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Sessley Construction is a design-build contractor. As a design-build contractor we will seamlessly incorporate the design processes and construction phases into easy and manageable step. Utilized Sessley Constructions network of: (a) design professionals, (b) regulatory agencies, (c) suppliers, and (d) quality independent, general, & specialty trade contractors,
Sessley Construction will guide you through the process of designing and constructing your project while ensuring your project stays on time and on budget.

Listed below is a summary of how the Design/Build process will work with Sessley Construction. Because every project is unique, this chart is just a guideline. Sessley Construction (SC) will further explain the process, timelines and costs in more depth when we meet with you to evaluate the intended scope of your construction project.

Design-Build Process   Cost   General Time Frame

Initial Consultation & Estimate   No Charge   Contact us to schedule an appointment
Design Phase   Approx. 5% of construction cost   Varies (1-4 weeks)
Permitting & Preparation   Approx. 15% of construction cost   Varies (1-4 weeks)
Construction Phase   Approx. 65% of construction cost   Varies (SC rep will explain)
Completion   Approx. 15% of construction cost   Varies (1-3 weeks)

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Initial Consultation & Estimate
After contacting us, Sessley Construction will set up a meeting to evaluate your project, needs and desires. We will present you with photographs of past projects along with references. During this consultation we will begin to take measurements and photographs of the project space. As you communicate your ideas, Sessley Construction will create an estimate range based on this early scope of work, and provide a 'Design Contract' to begin the Design Phase.

Design Phase
Your input and feedback is what drives this process. Once you have decided to move forward with SC, we will officially begin the design of your project. You will work with Sessley Constructions representatives to design the project the way you want. Details will be planned and modified to meet your needs & budget, and interior finishes will be discussed in detail so SC can budget your job. Once the final design has been approved, SC will provide you with a construction agreement. This agreement will map out the project start & finish date, payment schedule, approved specifications & drawings (when applicable), and a quote.

Permitting & Preparation (depending on the scope of your project, this phase is not always required)
This phase begins with the permitting process. SC will prepare and file all permits required for the construction. SC will communicate with the local jurisdiction as well as the client to keep everyone informed of permit progress. During this time, SC will direct you how to best prepare for the Construction Phase. SC will also meet with you regularly to guide you through the entire selections process and set up meetings with vendors to begin picking out your finish materials to properly customize your design.

Construction Phase
This is where the dust flies and your project begins to take shape. From bring in the tools & supplies to the final coat of paint, SC will keep you informed through regular meetings scheduled “walk-throughs.” You will see the construction as it happens.

At Sessley Construction, we work with you to bring beautiful works of construction out of the dust, noise, time-gone-by and well-spent-investment. We takes pride in making the construction process as pleasant as possible with the ultimate goal of lengthening the list of satisfied clients.

Once construction is complete, SC will walk-through the finished project with the client and evaluates the end product. At this time, you will “sign” the completed project over to “completion”.